16th July. Posted in Blog.

With solutions for everything from coffee pods to snack bars, compostable packaging is becoming enormously popular with today’s eco-conscious consumer.

As the first company in the world to successfully deliver a range of multi-layer paper and film barrier compostable laminates, Parkside is leading the industry in environmentally friendly flexibles and championing the drive towards a circular economy.

We share our top 5 reasons why brands and retailers should adopt compostables, the future of sustainable packaging.


Promoting the natural cycle

Sustainability is about so much more than recycling – it’s about considering a product’s entire lifecycle from material sourcing to disposal.

Manufactured from renewable resources such as plant fibres, compostable packaging begins its journey in a green way by reducing reliance on petrochemicals, before breaking down naturally at the end of its service life and returning nutrients back into the soil.


Give back to nature

When packaging is improperly disposed of, outcomes such as microplastic pollution can harm the environment.

Even biodegradable materials are not immune from this as, while widely praised for reducing landfill waste, it too can release harmful toxins when breaking down.

That’s where compostable packaging is different. Unlike biodegradable substrates, its disintegration helps rather than hinders ecosystems by returning to natural elements without polluting, meaning more enriched soil and less litter.


Enhance brand image

As concerns surrounding packaging’s environmental impact gain momentum, brands and retailers which demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices are well-placed to enjoy commercial success and customer loyalty.

By adopting compostable solutions, these organisations enhance the desirability of their offering as well as their public image.


Enjoy excellent functionality

Thanks to Parkside’s 7-year research and development project to create the industry’s first compostable multi-layer and film barrier laminates, the Park-2-Nature™ range, the market can now access functionality comparable with standard alternatives.

Extending shelf life with excellent oxygen and moisture barrier performance, these high-quality products protect and preserve food while helping to prevent food waste.


Deliver stand-out shelf appeal

As beneficial for sales as for the environment, Parkside’s compostable packaging solutions offer outstanding graphics. Created with market-leading, ultra-high definition print technology, this is crucial for wowing consumers visually as well as ethically.