6th September. Posted in Blog.

Established speciality packaging manufacturer, Parkside, is eager to demonstrate its abilities to the fast growing Asian flexible packaging market. It’s a market that is set to see a forecasted increase of US$15.8 from 2015 to 2021 and displays an array of opportunities for the business.

From today up to 2020, China is forecasted a 6% year-on-year growth in value of the ready meal market. Such positive growth in the category is due to a growing consumer demand for convenience due to the accelerating pace of modern life.

So, what can Parkside do to help enable growth in rapidly evolving Asian market?

Parkside addresses consumer needs: Parkside Parkscribe™ technology is ideal for easy-open, ready meal packaging that meets ever-changing consumer needs within the fast-paced ready meals retail market. For example, Parkside LIDD, a revolutionary film lidding solution for the ready meal market, enables consumers to keep the amount of packaging used to a minimum by eliminating the need for secondary outer packaging. For more information on our ready meal solutions visit our blog, ‘Ready Steady Go: How Parkside is keeping ahead of the ready meal packaging category’.

Rising urbanisation and the growing need for convenience foods has also led to an increase in the bread and rolls market, which is ‘leaning more towards on-the-go breakfast and convenient food products’ according to Market analysts, Technavio. It’s a trend that’s growing, mostly due to hectic work schedules and increased disposable incomes. This is the catalyst for forecasted growth in market value, which is expected to increase by $3.31 billion by 2020 – a faster expansion than both the global and European market.

Parkside recognises current market trends: Parkside’s spiral wrap is a flexible pack that allows consumers to simply peel away the packaging in a spiral motion, revealing the tortilla wrap, roll or sandwich inside. The design allows consumers to easily open one section of the pack at a time and keep the remaining packaging in place, making it an ideal pack solution for on-the-go snacking. Find out more about the Spiral Wrap here.

The global green packaging market is also significantly benefitting from rising demand in emerging economies such as Asia Pacific, thanks to growing consumer interest in protecting the environment and finding greener alternatives.

Parkside offers sustainable solutions: Parkside has successfully tapped into this need by creating a pioneering range of paper and film barrier lamination films that are fully compostable and suitable for both home and industrial composting.

The frozen food market is expected to see some major changes in Asia Pacific. Due to the non-acceptance of frozen foods over fresh foods by the elderly population, lower numbers of working women and because of cultural barriers, frozen food has been disregarded in the past. However, rising manpower, increasing disposable incomes and urbanization is likely to generate change, bringing with it an estimated growth of 4.8%.

Parkside innovates for the future : Parkscribe™ Steam is a revolutionary, flexible, microwavable self-venting steam bag for frozen vegetables and is part of the Parkscribe family of cook-ready solutions. See more information on the Parkscribe™ Steam here.

Parkside showcased its extensive range of speciality innovations for the food and drink sector at the 17th Malaysian International Food and Beverage Trade Fair in Kuala Lumpur at the end of July. At the show, Parkside demonstrated its response to the key trends; on-the-go snacking, convenience, easy-open and sustainability. See pictures from the show below.

In order to ensure that the needs of the Asian consumer base are met, Parkside made significant investments in its Malaysian operations in 2016. These changes will allow Parkside to achieve a faster turnaround by reducing lead times and responding efficiently to changing market demands. Find out more about Parkside’s Malaysian investments here.