Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging: delay, don’t deny

In March 2022, the UK Government announced that it was delaying the roll-out of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme, which will require producers to bear the full cost of post-consumer packaging disposal, until 2024. The delay did not surprise many in the industry – it was already apparent that the 2023 timetable was unrealistic, […]

ESG and the packaging industry – Addressing the challenge

More than ever, sustainable packaging design is a major priority for brands and consumers. Across the world, we are seeing countries and major companies come under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprints by producing sustainable products in eco-friendly packaging. But how can we measure this? Introducing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). ESG are factors […]

The changing shape of convenient packaging

Convenience has reigned king in packaging for a very long time. However, convenient packaging looks different today than ten or even five years ago. The consumer purchasing behaviours that have emerged from the pandemic have given new meaning to ‘convenient packaging’ and provided new directions and impetus for innovation. In this blog, we examine how […]

Beginner’s guide to composting

Composting, how do you define it? Most consider it throwing a teabag into a compost bin on top of the week’s grass cuttings and combining that with an assortment of twigs and brown leaves. All this is entirely true; however it’s only when you delve deeper into the composting process that the complexities of transforming […]