Corporate Social Responsibility

At Parkside we believe packaging makes the difference and we take our responsibilities towards our employees, communities, industry and the environment extremely seriously.

The following policy aims to set out the Company’s stance on its Corporate and Social Responsibilities. At Parkside, we believe packaging makes the difference to our customers, to consumers and to the world we live in.

From our manufacturing facilities in the UK and Malaysia, we supply a range of plastic and bio-based flexible packaging globally. We take our Corporate and Social Responsibilities seriously wherever we operate, and we hold all our employees to the highest levels of integrity to ensure our reputation, and that of our customers are protected. We will not tolerate any illegal or immoral activities that bring this into question. Parkside strive to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct and corporate responsibility through the application of the following principles;

  1. Safety of our employees and all visitors to our facilities.
  2. Well-being of people through supporting human values.
  3. Managing our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.
  4. Ethical sourcing of raw materials / products to our business.


  1. Our primary concern is that our employees and visitors return home safely every day.
  2. We are a responsible organisation that strives to provide a safe working environment.
  3. We expect our employees to be accountable and take ownership of their personal safety and for those around them.
  4. We have a zero tolerance culture across our business with respect to accidents and expect visitors to our sites to adhere to our safety culture.
  5. We ensure strict compliance with legal safety obligations.
  6. All our employees are thoroughly inducted into the business at the commencement of their employment with us.
  7. We continually update employees on any continuous improvement opportunities identified for the promotion of a healthy and safe working environment for everyone. This is delivered through Toolbox Talks, Communication Briefings or Company Magazine as appropriate.
  8. All our contractors are thoroughly inducted via our Contractor Handbook to ensure they are vetted and fully understand our safety procedures and requirements whilst working on our site
  9. All our visitors are provided with our strict safety rules and are accompanied at all times during their stay with us. Should they be visiting our shop floor areas, they are provided with the appropriate PPE, safety information (including by video demonstrations),and guided at all times
  10. All our safety practices (such as Reverse Parking Policy) are designed to ensure we provide a safe working environment for our employees.
  11. Our separate QHSE Policy provides more detail of our approach to and support of a safe working environment.

Well-Being of People

  • Our success is as a result of how well we work together. We can be relied on to support each other by embracing diversity, learning from each other and keeping our promises.
  • We also work within the respective country legislative frameworks in order to provide an environment of fairness and equality and that discrimination or harassment is unacceptable and will be tackled.
  • Child labour is never used and with the exception of Apprentices, no-one under the age of 18 is normally employed. 16-18 year olds have special Younger Worker Rights (UK) which are adhered to and complied with.
  • National standards of minimum wages are always paid as an absolute minimum and invariably are much higher to reflect the level of skill and competence required within the job.
  • Country regulations on working hours are adhered to and monitored on a regular basis to ensure that employees receive adequate periods of rest and time away from work. Where employees have the freedom to opt out of such regulations, they are also provided the ability to terminate that arrangement.
  • We provide our employees the freedom to work within an environment of dignity, respect and fairness as well as within an environment free of harassment and inequality. Any abuse of such conditions are dealt with through our Grievance and Disciplinary procedures, the details of which are outlined in our Employee Handbook
  • We always ensure we are ethically compliant with all local labour laws and fair grievance and disciplinary practices.
  • As a minimum, we always ensure we comply with all legislation and regulations.
  • We engage with, learn from, respect and support the communities and cultures within which we work.
  • We support local and national charity requests where possible.
  • Through our Charitable Donations Policy we encourage our employees who involve themselves in fundraising activities to request our support and enhance their charitable fund-raising endeavours.
  • We support the development of our employees by ensuring they are appropriately trained and developed for their future careers with Parkside.

Managing Our Business in a Socially Responsible and Ethical Manner

  • Reputable business practices are always applied worldwide.
  • BRC, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 accreditations achieved and sustained annually
  • Customer audit requirements understood, complied with and maintained locally.
  • Clear and unequivocal policies on confidentiality and intellectual property to protect our own, and our clients’ information.
  • Protection of and supporting customers fight anti-illicit trade. We achieve this by ensuring that any non-conforming product or waste which could be made into our customers’ style of packaging is destroyed on disposal. Also by vetting each potential new customer by identifying registered brands or their sales challenges in the end market of their products to avoid supplying illicit manufacturers
  • We will never knowingly deal with companies involved in illicit or counterfeit trading and employ strict internal due diligence procedures to ensure compliance.
  • Improper payments of any kind are prohibited. Similarly, no gift, the value of which is material and which may be interpreted as a form of inducement, should be accepted or offered. This is further detailed in our Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Conflicts of interest must be declared and appropriate arrangements made to ensure that those with a material interest are not involved in the decision making process.
  • Reporting of business performance is undertaken in such a way that senior management is fully and properly informed concerning the business’ true performance, risks and opportunities in a timely manner.
  • Target zero waste to landfill, with a full recycling policy and environmental compliance on waste disposal
  • Solvent recovery procedures to re-use solvents as much as possible and limit wasteful habits.

Ethical Sourcing

  • Always source from ethically sound suppliers and service providers.
  • Ethically sourced energy and a business policy to reduce energy consumption through the use of new technology, eg. more efficient lighting which require less energy.
  • We carry out a thorough audit of our existing and new suppliers to assess their conduct in all areas of corporate and social responsibilities including;
  • BRC accreditation (for food safety, health & hygiene regulations)
  • Sedex approved where applicable (for environmental, labour regulations and responsibilities)
  • Sustainable sourcing of raw materials
  • Policy on waste and landfill target reductions
  • Local sourcing to reduce carbon footprint

All employees have a duty to follow the principles set out in this policy statement. It is the responsibility of directors and senior management to ensure that all employees who directly or indirectly report to them are fully aware of Parkside’s policies and values in the conduct of the company’s businesses. It is also the responsibility of directors and senior managers to lead by example and to demonstrate the highest standards of integrity on carrying out their duties on behalf of the company.