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Parkside as a printer and manufacturer of flexible and rigid packaging materials for food and non-food industries, recognises that it has a responsibility to conduct its business in compliance with laws and regulations that are designed to protect the vital resources of clean air, water and land.

Our intention is to manage our activities in a manner that protects our environment, the safety of our staff and their families, communities and key stakeholders, as well as general public health.


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Guided by our policy, we recognise and exercise our responsibilities to:

  • Comply with legal and other requirements to which the business subscribes, including the International Standard ISO 14001
  • Commit to achieving measureable continuous improvement through our environmental management programme
  • Prevent pollution by using alternative measures wherever possible in our facilities
  • Provide the appropriate resources including training of staff to ensure they are environmentally responsible
  • Review and set objectives to ensure they are measureable and achievable
  • Monitor environmental performance through the internal audit process
  • Communication and reinforce this policy throughout the organisation through the use of notice boards, induction training and ongoing provision of information
  • Communicate this policy to those working on behalf of the company including Contractors Make this policy available to the public
  • Display this policy throughout our business


The Directors of Parkside are fully committed to this policy and will fully support all those who endeavour to carry it out.


As part of our commitment to our customers we have put together a ‘Business Continuity and Disaster Plan’, which identifies vulnerabilities, puts in place precautions and creates a framework around which our business may swiftly recover from a crisis.

The document outlines our response to a number of scenarios should they ever occur and enables our facilities to recover from any crisis and ensure our customers’ interests remain paramount at all times.

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