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Introducing LIDD® – a revolutionary patent applied for packaging design for the ready meal market.

A printed film top web is laminated to a base film at Parkside, which is then suitable for use in a microwave or oven, typical of convenience food packaging design.

LIDD® has numerous benefits to brands, retailers and consumers alike.

  • LIDD® eliminates the need for secondary packaging such as carton board sleeves and additional pack labelling.  This reduces pack costs by around 10%.  Without the secondary packaging requirement, pack weights can also be reduced by up to 45% minimising transportation costs and the pack carbon footprint.
  • Designed with consumer convenience and packed product safety in mind, printed materials are easily removed front the pack prior to the heating process, removing any risk of ink and coating migration.
  • The lidding design also maximises the marketing real estate – branding is clearly visible on the front of the pack for the consumer and when the top web is stripped away,  the necessary legal product information is available on the underside.
  • LIDD® is compatible with C-PET and Polypropylene trays and can be used on standard tray sealing lines.
  • Also available with venting for pack pressure release during cooking for consumer safety

LIDD® –  a revolution in packaging design.