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Nature Compostable Flexible Packaging Solutions

Introducing ‘Park – 2 – Nature’ the fully accredited compostable flexible packaging solution from Parkside.
A range of paper and film high barrier duplex and triplex packaging laminates that are fully accredited to the European regulation E.N 13432 and Vincotte OK Compost for both home and industrial composting of packaging.

Meeting the needs of brands requiring environmentally sensitive packaging design, Park 2 Nature creates packs with excellent graphics for shelf appeal, driving retail sales.
With both high oxygen and moisture barrier performance, comparable with standard flexible packaging designs, the solution delivers extended product shelf life to minimise product supply chain waste.
Traditional flexible packaging is not recyclable, and therefore at the end of the pack life, is usually incinerated or ends up in landfill. Park 2 Nature is a credible alternative offering consumers and governments a new composting alternative.
Parkside – Delivering the future of flexible packaging… today.