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An innovative solution which addresses the consumer trend for convenience, whilst offering brands and retailers flexibility and peace of mind.

The rise of smaller households, longer working hours and the need for convenience inspired Parkside to design and develop Parkscribe™ Steam, a revolutionary self-venting steam bag for frozen vegetables.

Rivaling existing packaging formats in the convenience foods market, Parkscribe Steam is a hassle-free, flexible microwavable pack.

The packs can be manufactured to incorporate any number of compartments, giving brands and retailers complete flexibility, whilst enabling consumers to choose the number of individual packs they wish to use, cutting food waste and addressing portion control issues.

The pack utilises a special food safe lacquer and a lasered registered seal in the pack that degrades under heat and pressure to self-vent, allowing the contents to be cooked in a microwave without the consumer having to burst, cut or open the pack prior to cooking.

Key benefits:

  • Cost-effective as it can be incorporated on to standard, existing packaging lines and requires no additional investment
  • Packs can be manufactured to incorporate any number of compartments offering brands design flexibility
  • A fully sealed pack leaving no holes for contamination giving retailers and brands peace of mind
  • Convenient and easy to use for consumers
  • Addresses food waste concerns and portion control