8th November. Posted in Blog.

Parents wishing to make sure their DIY packed lunches match up to Government set standards for healthy, balanced children’s school dinners may have found last week’s National School Meals Week inspirational. If National Schools Week passed you by this year, don’t worry – help is at hand from Parkside.

The company has developed an innovative range of convenient packaging solutions that can help parents to engage children with packed lunches, whilst exerting portion control over sweet and savoury snack foods.

Parkside’s innovative snack pack for Walls sausage rolls, offers absolute convenience thanks to its snap off individually wrapped trays, meaning one sausage roll can be taken to school per day, with the others remaining sealed and fresh. The handy portable solution can be placed directly into lunch boxes, eliminating the need for foil or sandwich bags. The design is also ideal for preventing grazing during packed lunch preparation.

Parkside’s Walls design is perfect for limiting savoury snacks but what if it’s a sweet tooth that needs keeping in check? Parkside Cadbury Chocolate Fingers snack pack from Burton’s Biscuits is a fun solution that children will love. The ‘Snap & Go’ pack was created to tap into the on-the-go snacking market, making it ideal for break times, whilst limiting the amount a child consumes. Similar to the Walls pack, the remaining fingers are kept fresh for later, helping to reduce waste – and stop sneaky snacking in its tracks.

Whilst the above designs offer perfect individual portions, they’re not particularly conducive to sharing. A Parkside design that is ideal for this however, is the company’s collaborative share bag design with Seabrook crisps. Rather than being one for the school yard, the share bag is perfect for autumn Saturday family T.V nights. Unique laser technology used on the pack offers an easy-peel opening, which can be reclosed in order to save the rest for later. This keeps crisps fresher for longer and eliminates unnecessary food waste – if there’s any left to save, that is!

So the kids are sorted but let’s not forget about the parents.  Parkside’s hassle-free sandwich wrap packaging solution, Spiral Wrap, allows the time-poor consumer to peel away the packaging to enable easy consumption. The pack removes the need for a cardboard inner liner which in turn reduces packaging, and ultimately, the pack carbon footprint. This makes it not only user-friendly but environmentally friendly too.

All of the Parkside solutions mentioned above were developed through Parkside’s state-of-the-art creative innovation suite, for more information on Parkside’s facilities visit our website.