5th January. Posted in Blog.

At Parkside, we pride ourselves on packaging innovation. It’s the primary reason we opened our contemporary new product development facility and fully equipped laboratory in October 2015.

Now one year on, our Advanced Packaging Expert Innovation team (APEX) continues to deliver the latest thinking in contemporary packaging solutions with the support of our new facilities. What’s more, the Parkside APEX team can deliver a concept-to-sample new product development process in a time frame of just eight hours. Yes, you heard that right…a Parkside customer can walk away with a sample of a product they had in mind a matter of hours ago, on the same day.

Here’s how we take a customer’s packaging idea from concept to sample in eight easy steps (or hours, if you’re counting):

9am: Our customer enters the Parkside facility with a brilliant, yet somewhat incomplete, new product development idea.

creative innovation

10am: Brainstorming and idea generation session ensues between the customer and the Parkside APEX team. This is also known as the ‘Aha! Moment’!


smart thinking11am: Refining of the artwork and design takes place. At this point materials can be explored in the laboratory.

laboratory facilities

12pm: The finalised sample design is digital printed. Time for a disclaimer: this can take from 1-4 hours depending on design.

Digital printing

1pm: Laser or digital cutting takes place. Meanwhile the sharing of knowledge continues between our customer and APEX team.

Laser scribing

2pm – 4pm: Handmade samples are produced by the APEX team. This can include elements such as flexographic printing and film lamination through to the application of laser technology for perforations, easy opening or reclosable pack design.

Flexographic excellence

4pm: The BIG reveal! The finished sample is presented to our customer.


5pm: Our happy customer leaves with their completed product sample.

Over the past year, Parkside has worked with a large number of brands and retailers in developing innovative ideas for a range of flexible and rigid packaging solutions. Brands that have recently utilised the facility are Burtons Biscuits and Seabrook Crisps. Parkside has created innovative packaging solutions for both customers, which are now on sale in major high-street retailers.
If you have a new product development idea in mind that the Parkside APEX team could assist you with, why not get in touch to discuss your project requirements.