Other Tobacco Packaging

Other Tobacco Packaging – Pouches

Experts in development of innovative OTP pack solutions for RYO or MYO tobacco products, Parkside leads in the design and development of unique, customer focused pouch solutions.

From laminated pouches to multi compartment designs to keep tobacco products fresh, Parkside has a portfolio of pack solutions to meet your brand requirements. Including 10 colour printed film laminates and freshness foils, the Parkside APEX team has developed a number of new innovative features to excite the consumer.

Resealable and lock & peel pouches

Utilising the Parkscribe laser technology, Parkside has developed resealable pouch designs to avoid tobacco products from drying out, as well as securely locked pouches that have an easy peel design built in.

Compostable pouches

For the environmentally sensitive consumer, the Parkside innovation team has developed fully accredited flexible packaging pouches that compost both at home and in industrial composting environments. Accredited to EN13432, as well as Vincotte OK Home Compost regulations, the compostable OTP pouch is another offering demonstrating the commitment makes to the success of your business.