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Our Solutions

Excelling in flexographic printing has been at the core of Parkside’s philosophy for many years. However, contemporary packaging design demands more than just high definition graphics. Today’s consumers, brand owners and retailers are looking for increased functionality from packaging – easy open, reclosable, anti-counterfeit, promotional, shelf stand out, anti-fog performance, active and intelligent design… the list goes on.

Parkside understands the needs of the modern retail environment – both online and in store – and designs and delivers packaging that through advanced packaging expertise.

  • LASER…
  • LIDD®…

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Including recent investments in 2015, Parkside has up to 10 colour flexographic print capability on both paper and film in the U.K and Asia. With four digital flexographic Windmüller & Hölscher presses in the UK, the team is well placed to flexibly serve the needs of the packaging print market.

With unparalleled speed to market, cost efficiency and flexibility, the Parkside commitment to flexography ensures the company can produce short and long run work with more dots per inch, vignettes and sharper illustrations than ever before.


Proud sponsors of the European Flexographic Industry Association, Parkside is an active leader in the European flexo market place driving technology and thought leadership in this dynamic industry.




Duplex and triplex lamination capability in Parkside UK & Asia delivers unique flexible packaging options for brand owners and retailers. Multiple coaters and laminators deliver oxygen, moisture and gas barrier performance, as well as highly unique compostable flexible packaging solutions. Parkside is a leading edge developer of multi-layer barrier packaging design.


Our lamination capabilities

Maximum web width 1330mm
Maximum coating width 1315mm

Adhesives Materials Structures Coatings inc. registered applications
Water based Paper Duplex Acrylic
Solventless Films Triplex Coldseal
  Foils   Heatseal
Material Primary Material
Thickness µm
Secondary Material
Thickness µm
Aluminium 6.3 – 40 6.3 – 40
BOPP 12 – 80 12 – 80
Paper 40 – 150 g/m2 40 – 150 g/m2
LDPE LLDPE 30 – 200 20 – 200
Nylon Cast 30 – 80 20 – 80
OPA 12 – 18 12 – 18
PET-P 10 – 30 8 – 30
PP Cast 60 – 150 20 – 150
Various Coextruded
  25 – 200


Example Parkside



Introducing Parkscribe® laser scribing for a variety of applications from easy open flexible packaging to easy peel ready meal solutions.
The Parkscribe laser technology can be used to create an integral opening of any size, shape or position on a pack. It can replace the use of tear strips, zips and closures.
Used with film laminates, it creates easy open pack designs and enables a reclosable pack solution. It is suitable for multi-compartment rigid packs and delivers attractive differentiated pack design to drive retail sales.
  • Attractive differentiated pack design to drive retail sales
  • Clean smooth peel for easy open and frustration free packaging
  • Lowers your costs and pack carbon footprint
  • Creates easy open packs for aging and disabled consumers
  • Enables design of reclosable packaging to minimise waste
  • Facilitates vertical stacking and presentation of packs


See how our laser scribing works:




A printed top web is laminated to a base film, suitable for use in either a microwave or oven, eliminating the need for secondary printed sleeve packaging.

The reduction in packaging creates a nominal 10% cost saving as well as a 45%+ saving in production energy and weight during transit. This reduces the carbon footprint of the pack, whilst increasing the consumer appeal of the solution through maximization of the marketing real estate. Reverse printing of the film top web allows for branding to be clearly visible on the front of the pack, as well as product information to be printed on the underside.



Product safety is front of mind with LIDD® design – the highly printed top web is safely separated from the bottom film layer prior to cooking ensuring that film printing ink potential migration is eliminated.

LIDD® delivers a uniquely different looking pack to drive sales with no compromise on graphics or legally required information and is a cost effective lidding solution that can be used on standard tray sealing lines without modification.


See how LIDD® works:



From coffee pouches to confectionery packaging, the Parkside Apex innovation team has developed a range of paper and film barrier duplex and triplex lamination films under the brand Park-2-Nature® that are fully accredited to EN13432 and Vincotte OK Compost Standards for both home and industrial composting of packaging.

  • Excellent graphic shelf appeal comparable to standard high quality flexible packaging laminates to drive retail sales
  • Oxygen and moisture barrier performance delivers extended product shelf life to minimise packed product waste
  • Lightweight flexible design offers a lower carbon footprint solution compared with heavier packaging formats
  • Compostable flexible packaging is a credible alternative to landfilling and incineration for non-recyclable packaging designs and environmentally sensitive brands

See our Compostable solutions:

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APParition™ Embedded Image Technology  

Engage with your customers using the latest smart phone and tablet technology.

Embedded images are printed behind existing pack graphics, invisible to the naked eye, and detectable by most modern mobile devices.

Used for anti-counterfeit or promotional campaigns by brands and retailers, APParition™ technology creates cost effective customer loyalty through consumer interaction with the pack.

A downloadable APP is linked to a website landing page of your choice with total flexibility for promotion; up to eight pay offs per landing point can be created and amended as needed. From recipes to nutritional information, from sourcing, vouchers, competitions and promotions, APParition™ enables pack connectivity in store or in the home delighting your consumer.

Sound files can also be embedded into the design in order that hard of hearing or aging consumers can hear the pack “speak” to them.

Better understand your customer behaviour

  • APParition™ provides an enclosed loop for CRM data collection and analysis
  • Can be used for additional verification and authentication to drive counterfeiters to other less complex brands increasing your brand security
  • The APP can drive your consumer around store to purchase complementary goods via promotion enhancing your ability to upsell in store