6th March. Posted in Press Releases.

External Statement

To whom it may concern

Parkside Flexibles Ltd. Covid 19 (‘Corona Virus’) Statement


As a responsible packaging supplier, we take the health and safety of our employees, their families, customers, suppliers, and the communities we operate in, extremely seriously. As such we have implemented a number of precautionary actions in line with the recommendations of the UK Government and NHS in view of the increasing incidence of the virus:

  • We have implemented a restriction on any professional travel to areas of concern as listed by the UK Government
  • Any returning travellers from high concern or locked down areas are asked to inform their supervisor and HR and to self-isolate for a period of 14 days
  • All staff must inform the business about any current personal and professional travel destinations in order that we can monitor our risk levels going forward
  • We have implemented daily risk monitoring regarding countries of concern
  • All staff have received communications on NHS & occupational health guidelines for regular and thorough handwashing to minimise the risk of spread
  • We have made hand gels and sanitising equipment available to all staff to help minimise the likelihood of Covid 19 impacting our business activities
  • We are encouraging staff to use virtual meeting technology to minimise the number of face to face meetings with colleagues, suppliers and customers
  • Delivery drivers from unknown destinations are being held off site and isolated from the main Parkside facilities
  • Finally, we are recommending that staff do not greet with handshakes, hugs or kissing in order to minimise risk of spread through bodily contact

This is very much a moving situation and we will endeavour to provide interested parties with as much information as possible on our management of the situation as further information emerges.


Robert Adamson

Managing Director