Parkside solves paper packaging puzzle with versatile Recoflex™ range

Parkside solves paper packaging puzzle with versatile Recoflex™ range

Parkside is stepping up its efforts to help solve the global packaging puzzle with the launch of a range of recyclable paper-based flexible packaging materials.

The new range of versatile Recoflex™ papers are available as a single-ply or laminate in several specifications, and offer durability, barrier performance, and excellent heat sealability, changing the game for paper-based flexible packaging in a number of market applications.

The various specifications will launch in a phased rollout beginning in April, with several new innovations being released to join Parkside’s revolutionary freezerproof paper material (first commercialised last year). It will be joined by two configurations of Recoflex Translucent, a translucent barrier paper that can be used for pouches, bags or lidding film suitable for a range of fresh food applications. Also launching in the first phase is a new flow-wrap solution for ambient food and non-food applications, alongside a high barrier performance paper that is compatible with both horizontal and vertical form, fill, and seal lines, which is suitable for products requiring higher moisture and oxygen barriers

The second phase, set to launch a little later in 2024, will bring a kraft paper and an exciting, metallised solution to the market. All of the Recoflex configurations are designed to be fully recyclable in kerbside collection schemes to meet retailer guidelines and consumer preferences. Interested parties can visit to contact Parkside, learn more, and be added to the wait list for phase two.

“The packaging industry is set to undergo some significant changes in the near future, with consumer preferences evolving rapidly and new legislation – like the EU’s proposed Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation – set to pass across several key markets having an impact on every industry,” said Steve Hallford, Product Development Technologist at Parkside. For brands trying to balance plastic reduction against pack performance, it means the future is uncertain – but with Recoflex paper-based packaging, Parkside has a solution to this puzzle.

“Recoflex incorporates a range of state-of-the-art recyclable solutions that our team of experts can tailor to meet a product’s specific needs.” Hallford continued. “Our customers now have ready-made recyclable replacements for their existing plastic and foil laminate structures without needing to compromise on pack performance or aesthetic design. If you’re thinking of switching your brand from plastic to paper-based packaging, there has never been a better time than right now.”

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