Established in 1953, Parkside has built comprehensive production capabilities both in the UK and Malaysia to meet the needs of today’s, and tomorrow’s, consumer packaging printing and converting requirements.


To achieve the exacting quality standards our customers expect from us, we have developed and implemented a total supply-chain management system to ensure every step of our production process meets your requirements.

We ensure we are at the cutting edge of print technology through continuous investment in our flexographic capabilities and the latest colour management technology. By working closely with our key supply chain partners, including onsite reprographic and ink development partners, we deliver consistently high-quality graphics to meet your expectations.

Flexographic Printing

Parkside has up to 10 colour flexographic print capabilities on both paper and film in the U.K and Asia. With two leading-edge digital flexographic Windmöller & Hölscher presses in the UK alongside one Allstein 10-colour press, plus another Windmöller & Hölscher press located in Asia, the team is well placed to serve today’s packaging market’s needs.

With unparalleled speed to market, cost efficiency and flexibility, the Parkside commitment to flexography ensures we can produce short and long run work with more dots per inch, vignettes and sharper illustrations than ever before.


Parkside is the market leader in using water-based adhesives for flexible packaging laminates, in line with our strong ESG ethos.

Parkside UK & Asia’s duplex, triplex and quadplex lamination capability delivers unique flexible packaging options for brand owners and retailers. Multiple coaters and laminators are used to apply oxygen, moisture and gas barriers, as well as as the manufacture of highly unique compostable flexible packaging solutions.

Parkside is a cutting-edge developer of multi-layer barrier packaging design, incorporating the use of Water Based, Solventless, Solvent Based, PSA, Coldseal, Heatseal, and Barrier Coatings. As well as matt or gloss registered lacquer and cold seal release lacquer applications (CSRL).

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Lamination Capabilities

All our lamination structures, adhesives, and materials can be used with a maximum web width of 1330mm and a maximum coating width of 1315mm. Primary and secondary material thickness can range from 6.3 to 40 µm. When combined with our wide range of water-based or solventless adhesives and materials, from paper, foils, aluminium, BOPP, LDPE, LLDPE, nylon cast, OPA, PET-P, PP cast, and more, this means we can offer you nearly limitless possibilities for your flexible packaging design.

Each pack will be assembled using the right blend of materials, adhesives, and structure, with duplex, triplex and quadplex solutions available to perfectly match your application.

Laser Scribing

Parkscribe laser technology can be used to create an integral opening of any size, shape or position on a pack. It can replace the use of tear strips, zips and closures.

When used with film laminates, it creates easy open pack designs and enables the creation of re-closable pack solutions. It is also suitable for multi-compartment rigid packs and delivers attractive differentiated pack design to drive retail sales.

Key Features

Whatever your sustainability objective, we have the solution:

One and two sides for easy opening and resealable designs

Clean, smooth peel for easy open frustration-free access

Eliminating the use of tear strips, zips and closures lowers costs and pack carbon footprint

Enables design of re-closable packs to minimise waste

Facilitates vertical stacking and presentation of pack


Parkside offers film punching capability at 3mm, 6mm and 8mm.


Parkside has significant slitting capability and a variety of machines to produce reels for our customers in a wide range of reel widths and core diameters depending on requirements.

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