Think you know Parkside? Think again – we’re print experts

Think you know Parkside? Think again – we’re print experts

At Parkside, we pride ourselves on being flexible – and that doesn’t just refer to the flexible packaging solutions we provide.

We have the technical expertise and innovation capability to turn any flexible packaging vision into a reality. There are few parts of that process that are more important than print. Printed packaging is what brings your brand’s identity to life, separating your product from the dozens of others on the shelf. And, in a crowded market where consumers are more likely than ever to judge a book by its cover, that means getting precise, consistent results from every print run is crucial.

At Parkside, we understand that the ability to create eye-catching designs doesn’t matter much if you don’t have the technology to do them justice. That’s why we’ve developed a leading suite of print capabilities to bring any design to life on the press.


On-site reprographics and ink development experts

Today’s market doesn’t believe in compromise. It demands speed, consistency, precise accuracy, responsiveness, flexibility, and innovation from each and every job. Each customer also has their own sustainability goals that it aims to meet, in line with tightening legislation and increasingly eco-conscious consumer sentiment.

Every successful print job has to tick all of these boxes, and that starts with a well-managed supply chain. To ensure we meet the quality and consistency levels our customers – and today’s consumers – expect, we continually invest in our flexographic printing, colour management, and reprographics processes.

We work closely with our reprographics and ink development partners, to ensure every detail is precisely as it should be before a design makes it to the press. This ensures that colours are replicated accurately across every substrate, which is absolutely essential to creating standout packaging. We can deliver the same excellent results across films, foils, laminates, paper-based products, shrink sleeves, and more – and that level of consistency starts in our prepress process.

Even very slight differences in hue are immediately noticeable by the human eye and its millions of photoreceptors. Getting it wrong creates an ‘off-brand’ look that consumers will instantly identify. This is why we ensure optimal quality control throughout the ink development process and beyond.

Our ink team don’t focus solely on colour – inks and coatings can be used with specific properties in mind, including scratch or scuff resistance, barrier performance, added high value tactile or aesthetic efforts or anti-counterfeit security solutions. Inks can be augmented with a variety of coatings to give the finished pack the desired functional or aesthetic qualities.

Our onsite reprographics function gives us unbeatable flexibility and agility when working to precisely scale and create graphics for the press. This enables us to offer the same consistent, excellent results across multiple pack formats, getting designs to press with unparalleled efficiency, no matter what your requirements are.


HD Flexographic printing

We specialise in wide web flexo printing, with our capabilities powered by four cutting-edge flexo presses – three in our UK headquarters, and one in Malaysia.

Our presses give us the ability to print in up to ten colours across a massive range of substrates of varying thicknesses. We can also work on short and long run jobs equally efficiently thanks to our streamlined operation, providing you with the optimal speed-to-market for any print run.

Flexographic printing is an extremely versatile and economical print process that is ideal for flexible packaging. We use a host of ultra-precise custom engraved anilox cylinder patterns to ensure the best possible results for each specific application, meaning we can provide consistent ink coverage and repeatable, reliably excellent results across a huge range of substrates.

Our strong innovation capability means the range of substrates we offer is market-leading, from recyclable lidding film to monopolymer, compostable, paper-based, and foil laminates – and much more besides, so the quality of the finished print is never limited by the choice of substrate. This level of versatility means that our customers can meet their sustainability goals without compromising on the quality or aesthetic design of the finished packaging.

When you combine the high lines per inch (LPI) of our anilox cylinders with the excellent dots per inch (DPI) capabilities of our presses, the end results speak for themselves. We’re proud of our ability to produce high-resolution, ultra-clean, crisp finishes that make graphics come to life.

If you’re looking for a packaging partner who can get the most out of your graphic designs with pristine printing, look no further. We have the expertise and technical capability to be your end-to-end flexible packaging partner, taking your designs from concept to reality with minimal waste and maximum haste.

If you want to take your flexible packaging portfolio to the next level with market-leading print capabilities, Parkside is here to help. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help support your next project.

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