20th December. Posted in Blog.

As we’ve mentioned in our past blogs, our aim is to create solutions that offer the optimum convenience to consumers. If you haven’t been following our blogs (where have you been?), we’re talking about packaging that is easy to use such as our spiral wrap for sandwiches and tortilla wraps or portion control packaging like our snap and go snack pack. We’re also big on sustainability, and this is reflected our resource efficient pack, Parkside LIDD.

However, Christmas is not really about convenience. Christmas is about overindulging. This is the only time of year that we can get away with eating that extra mince pie ‘just because’, listen to cheesy Christmas pop songs and look slightly silly when wearing coloured paper hats pulled from crackers.

All this festive fun does create an increased amount of household food and packaging waste. So this year, we think we should all spare a moment to think about recycling – and where exactly our packaging goes after we’ve removed its contents. Are you certain you’ve put it in the right bin? Clue: it’s not just the green one!

Worry not. Wrap and Recycle Now are here to save the day. Recycle Now has an extensive list of products and what to do with them over the festive period. Here are some of the usual culprits that are likely to cause confusion when it comes to recycling:

  • Food tins and drink cans: Metal is widely recycled. Simply empty and rinse items. There’s no need to remove labels as they get removed in the recycling process.
  • Christmas tree lights: Are accepted at household waste recycling centres nationally.
  • Foil: Clean kitchen foil and aluminium trays are widely recycled. Do the scrunch test – if it remains in a ball it is aluminium and can be recycled, if not it could be laminate film which cannot be recycled.
  • Toys and games: Are not generally accepted for recycling, but they can be given a new home if given to a charity shop, sold online or in a car boot sale. Or, why not donate them to a local school or hospital if in good condition?
  • Christmas cards: Can be difficult to recycle, as although they’re paper-based, they can feature other materials that are not widely recycled. However, in January, you will often find special collection points in high street stores and supermarkets for cards.
  • Wrapping paper: Some UK councils will accept wrapping paper but others will not, due to the dyes and laminates incorporated in to the paper design. Try contacting them first to check.

You can visit recyclenow.com for full listings. Recycle Now also have a handy Recycling Locator tool if you’ve still got some items you’re not sure what to do with.

We appreciate that even with this advice things can still be confusing in what is, let’s face it, one of the most stressful times of the year. This is when our sustainable alternative to non-recyclable food packaging, Parkside’s Park-2-Nature, really comes into its own as a low-maintenance solution. The fully-compostable flexible packaging bag not only provides shelf-life extension thanks to its high oxygen and moisture performance, but is suitable for both home and industrial composting. And voila – Christmas recycling made easy!

Let this Christmas be a full of festive guilt-free celebrations! Wishing you all a great Christmas from all at Parkside.