Climate change and plastic waste are two of the biggest issues we face today. While consumers and businesses can all play a role in creating a more sustainable future, governments must play their part, too.

This page provides a breakdown of the biggest imminent changes to environmental legislation that your business must comply with.

EPR Reform

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) represents the largest set of environmental policy reforms of our time. The complexity and drawn-out implementation of these changes mean they are surrounded by uncertainty – get the key information you need below.

To learn more about what EPR means for packaging design and support your move away from multi-material solutions, read our blog for the latest EPR news.

UK Plastic Packaging Tax

The UK Plastic Packaging tax, effective since April 2022, is designed to create a more robust and environmentally-aware supply chain. Does your business comply?

What is The New Tax?

Since April 2022, any plastic packaging components that do not contain at least 30% recycled material are subject to a fine of £200 per metric tonne. This applies to all packaging produced in or imported into the UK, alongside transport or tertiary packaging used to export goods.

The tax will be paid by the person who produces the finished plastic packaging component or the importer of this finished component.

The Following Exemptions Apply

  • Non-chemically modified cellulose-based polymers
  • Plastic packaging manufactured or imported for use in the immediate packaging of a medicinal product
  • Transport packaging used on imported goods
  • Packaging used as aircraft, ship and rail stores
  • Components that are permanently designated or set aside for use other than a packaging use
  • There is also a deferral of liability to the tax for exported plastic packaging that meets the direct export condition

This tax can create significant challenges for brands and retailers, and Parkside is here to help!

Our paper packaging and recycled content flexible packaging portfolio are plastic tax compliant. Take a look for more information.

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