Whatever your flexible packaging challenge, we have a solution

At Parkside, we understand the challenges brands face in designing for today’s complex retail market and its consumers. We work closely with our clients to deeply understand their needs and design sustainable flexible packaging solutions to meet a wide range of requirements. From shelf-life extension for inventory management and waste minimisation to light weight design for a low carbon footprint and to meet convenience needs, Parkside has the skills, experience and technology to meet any packaging brief.

Offering a wide range of pack formats and solutions including pouches, flow wraps, lidding films, film laminates and bags, Parkside manufactures from films, foils and papers to deliver cost-effective, consistent, high-quality sustainable packaging that stands out from the crowd.

Benefits of Parkside Flexible Packaging Solutions


Whatever your sustainability objective, we have the solution:

Light weight

Low carbon footprint

Recycled content

Recyclable – monopolymer films

Renewable – paper & compostable – home and industrial

High barrier performance – extended shelf life to reduce waste

Reuse and refill – new designs

Consumer Convenience

Parkside offers laser scribing for a range of easy open and reclose solutions to create inclusive packaging and help reduce food waste

For today’s busy consumer, having packaging that offers ease of opening, closing, storage, cooking, freezing, portability or dispensability can make all the difference to the product and brand experience. Parkside offers a range of convenience design ideas to boost the consumer experience and brand reputation for innovation


The flexible materials used mean these light weight solutions can be designed into any shape, size or visual presentation you desire. Creating unique designs means flexible packaging will give you a competitive advantage.

By utilising polyethene (PE), polypropylene (PP), or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) materials, along with papers and foils, you can orient your packaging horizontally or vertically to stand out from the crowd and provide your graphic designers with more design control when compared with other materials

Flexible packaging offers 360° billboarding enabling positioning of artwork anywhere on the pack. Using high-definition graphics makes for stand-out shelf appeal

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What types of packaging
do we offer?

including pouches, flow wraps, lidding films, film laminates and bags…

Market Applications

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