Light Weight & Low Carbon Flexible Packaging

Lightweighted flexible packaging

Lightweighted flexible packaging, whether paper or plastic, is the solution of choice for most brands. Its stand-out benefits compared to metal, glass, rigid and other forms of packaging make it the obvious choice for any company looking for a lighter weight and therefore lower carbon footprint packaging solution.

At Parkside, we have an unmatched wealth of expertise when it comes to lightweighting recycled, recyclable, and compostable flexible packaging solutions.

Switching to light weight formats is guaranteed to provide your business with a range of benefits:

Lower Carbon Footprint

There is a linear relationship between the weight and carbon footprint of a pack. Being the lightest weight packaging format available means flexible packaging inherently offers an extremely low carbon footprint relative to other formats, supporting your business on your journey to net zero. By utilising recycled content to produce recyclable materials (where possible), it is possible to minimise the carbon footprint of packaging even further.

Cost Efficiencies

Cost savings and carbon footprint reduction go hand-in-hand. Whether it’s a single material or a multi-layer laminate, light weight flexible packaging is guaranteed to reduce costs by minimising waste in the supply chain. Put simply, it allows the maximum number of packs to be delivered in the minimum number of deliveries, adding more value to each leg of the logistics process.

In addition, lightweighting using a flexible packaging solution optimises the product-to-package ratio, lowering manufacturing costs and delivering high barrier performance without costly engineering.

Maximise Shelf Space

Make every inch of marketing real estate work harder by comfortably fitting more packs onto shelves and POS displays. Flexible packaging’s natural versatility means there is a wide range of options available to lightweight and optimise pack design and make the most out of valuable retail space. Whether you need a stand-up pouch or a Euro Hook hanging pack, Parkside has the expertise you need to support you in lightweighting your packaging.

No Compromise on Performance

Despite their light weight, our precision-engineered flexible packaging solutions are robust enough to cut losses caused by damage and interference.

The versatility of the flexible format means it is possible to create lidding films just a few microns thick that tick every box. Offering puncture resistance, oxygen barrier performance, easy open and consumer convenience features, reclosability to reduce food waste, and more, Parkside gives you light weight packaging solutions without compromise.

Market Applications:

Fresh Produce

Biscuits, Crisps & Snacks


Hot Beverages

Cooked Meats, Plant-based & Deli


Prepared Meals

Fresh Produce

Icecream & Frozen Desserts

Meat, Fish, Poultry & Plant-based

...and more

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