Compostable Packaging

Plant-based flexible packaging solutions with alternative end-of-life disposal


Parkside is a world leader in designing and developing fully accredited home and industrial compostable flexible packaging.

Through considerable research and development over the past 10 years, Park2Nature™ compostable flexible packaging is thoroughly tested and accredited and designed to meet the specific needs of the product to be packed.

Today, Parkside offers a wide range of compostable flexible laminate specifications for a wide range of pack formats and lidding films to meet the needs of a range of consumer-packaged goods categories

Key Features

Manufactured from renewable natural plant-based resources, with PEFC accreditation

Decomposes in less than 12 weeks in Industrial composting and 26 weeks when composting at home in ambient temperatures

Utilised in a wide range of product formats including pouches, flow wraps and lidding films

High Barrier, suitable for direct food contact with many applications of use

Parkside has secured full accreditation from TÜV to reassure customers that the packs fully break down in a range of conditions and timeframes in both industrial and home composting environments.

We know that well designed packaging can make a real difference to the environment, brands and consumers, but we know there are a lot of myths surrounding the development, use and disposal of compostable packaging. As always, we’re here to help!

Please note – while our full Park2Nature™ range has been accredited as either home compostable or industrial compostable, some materials may only have achieved industrial accreditation due to the length of time it may take to break down on a home compost heap. Please get in touch for full details of specific materials. 

Market Applications:

Cooked Meats, Plant-based & Deli


Prepared Meals

Fresh Produce

Icecream & Frozen Desserts

Meat, Fish, Poultry & Plant-based

DIY & Homewares

Health, Personal Care & Baby

Pet / Animal Care & Veterinary


…and more

To find out more about Park2NatureTM solutions, please contact us