Designing for sustainable packaging

Packaging for people and the planet!

Sustainability remains a critical topic across the packaging value chain and is at the forefront of consumer demands as they become ever more environmentally conscious.

A study by leading consultancy McKinsey showed that 70% of consumers would pay more for sustainable packaging, and this trend remains of high importance despite economic pressures.

At Parkside, we have been developing new sustainable packaging formats for over forty years and have the knowledge and technology to enable you to build your packaging strategy around current and future market trends and consumer needs.

We work closely with you to create sustainable packaging for your brand that truly makes a difference to your consumers and the environment!

Our Unique Promise

No matter how you want to design for the environment, Parkside has the broadest range of sustainable flexible packaging solutions available on the market today.

When it comes to designing sustainable packaging, there is no ‘silver bullet’ and no one-size fits all approach. Your packaging should always align to the waste hierarchy by aiming to reduce, remove and recycle depending on product application and geographic location.

However, all packaging formats must be innovative and ensure they meet the performance requirements for today’s packing and filling lines – and Parkside is here to help. Introducing the Parkside Sustainable 7.

A solution for every sustainable flexible packaging need

To learn more about how our Sustainable 7 can help you meet your sustainability goals, get in touch!