Parkside wins prestigious Stationers’ Award with groundbreaking freezer-proof paper pack

Parkside wins prestigious Stationers’ Award with groundbreaking freezer-proof paper pack

Parkside has achieved another remarkable success after its recyclable freezer-proof paper packaging solution took home a prestigious Stationers’ Company Innovation Excellence Award.

The winning pack, developed for frozen food giant Iceland’s North Coast range of frozen seafood, was awarded the prize in the highly competitive Product Design category. The win cements this pack, and the Recoflex™ paper material it is made with, as game-changing innovations in the flexible packaging sector, presenting compelling options for businesses looking to align their packaging with the circular economy.

The design used Recoflex paper material treated with a unique water-based coating that serves as a moisture and grease barrier while also preventing ice crystals from forming on the pack exterior as it moves through the supply chain. This ensures the water and grease barriers are not degraded by the natural thawing and freezing of ice crystals, making it one of the first fully functional paper-based freezable flexible packaging solution.

Mark Shaw, Technical Sales Manager at Parkside, was in a celebratory mood following the win, saying: “We feel this is a genuinely revolutionary innovation, but this revolution didn’t happen overnight, and it didn’t happen because of one person. Everyone at Parkside deserves to take credit for this because it wouldn’t have been possible without them putting in years of hard work to turn these ideas into a reality.

“Most importantly, we want to thank our customers, and particularly our contacts at Iceland and North Coast for their faith and commitment to recyclable packaging. Without their vision and collaboration, this innovation might never have been made.”

The awards were presented in a special ceremony at the famous, Grade I-listed Stationers’ Hall in London. Following the award ceremony, all the nominated innovations were shown at the IEA 2023 exhibition, which was also held in the Hall.

“Changing the packaging industry and making it more sustainable is only possible if brands and the packaging industry work together,” added Mark. “We’re delighted to be leading the way in partnership with our customers, by showing what is possible with flexible packaging.”

The Stationers’ Company is an institution with over 600 years of history, having first been founded in 1403. The Innovation Excellence Awards are held annually, and attract entries from across the communications, content, and print industries. Celebrating excellence and innovation in product design, performance, and quality, they are among the most prestigious awards across all three sectors.

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