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At Parkside, we are firm believers in sustainability and the packaging we create meets a variety of environmental objectives, depending on the needs of our customers. Of course, what matters is not what we say but what we do.

Enter the Parkside sustainable packaging portfolio. Comprising a range of recyclable, renewable, reclosable and compostable solutions, this brand-new platform of technologies shows that sustainable and future-proof packaging doesn’t need to come at the expense of performance or cost.

Offering a wide range of plastic and paper flexible laminate specifications, the new collection is suitable for a range of applications including snacks, fruit and vegetables, confectionery and coffee, as well as ambient, chilled and frozen categories. Over eight years of research and development has led to the creation of an enticing suite of sustainable solutions that enable brands to meet new legislative guidelines, including the UK plastic tax and Net-Zero.

Recyclable Packaging


Compostable Packaging


Waste Reduction


Recyclable Packaging


Plastic waste has captured the attention of the consumer, local governments and businesses across the globe. It is vital that we move away from the take-make-waste model and significantly rethink the way we design, use and reuse plastics. Moving forward, we must strive towards a circular economy where plastic packaging never becomes waste or pollution. In response, Parkside has created a range of recyclable flexible packaging solutions under Recoflex branding.

Recoflex PE HB – High barrier single polymer polyethylene laminates suitable for recycling through the carrier bag recycling infrastructure in large stores. Excellent puncture resistance compared to typical PE constructions along with good heat resistance allowing for conversion down existing high-speed packing lines.

Recoflex PP HB – High barrier single polymer Polypropylene laminates that are recycle ready, a wide range of different constructions for many end-use applications.

Recoflex PP HB is also available with bio-based renewable feedstocks that don’t affect the recyclability of the final product.

Recoflex Paper HB – High barrier paper recyclable products suitable for a wide range of end applications such as flow wraps, pouches and lidding. Recoflex Paper HB is heat sealable on one or two sides, with a high barrier to grease, oxygen, aroma and moisture.

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Compostable Packaging

Compostable Packaging

In a consumer-led market, brands are seeking new innovative sustainable solutions that stand-out from the crowd and meet the demanding criteria of today’s shopper. One solution growing in stature is compostable packaging. At Parkside, we have spent over eight years researching, developing and honing our compostable solutions to create the Park2NatureTM range, which responds to consumer demands.

Park2Nature compostable flexible packaging is thoroughly tested, certified and designed to meet the specific needs of the product to be packed. The collection of home and industrial compostable high barrier laminates is suitable for a wide range of applications such as coffee, tea, crisps, snacks, meats and cheeses. Pack formats are available for gas flushing, vacuum pouching or freezer applications.

Parkside has secured official confirmation that packs fully break down in a range of conditions and timeframes suitable for both industrial and home composting environments, gaining full accreditation from TUV (formerly Vincotte). The packaging is also made from a bio-based paper and metallised Natureflex material, which provides excellent oxygen and moisture barriers to extend the shelf life of the food product, whilst maintaining optimum flavour.

Compostable Packaging Q&A

We believe packaging makes the difference; but we know many myths are surrounding the development, use and disposal of compostable packaging. We’re here to help!

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Food Waste Reduction

A recent study by The European Parliament found that European households now produce around 88m tonnes of food waste every year. This is a startlingly high figure that must be minimised to achieve Net Zero targets concerning carbon emissions.

Parkside has spent the almost a decade enhancing and perfecting the Parkscribe technology, which enables us to create industry-leading reclosable packaging solutions that aid consumers in the fight against household food waste.

Made from mono polymer polyethylene (PET), Parkside reclose lidding films possess a built-in reclose technology to not only reduce food waste but eliminate the need for secondary packaging such as stretch wrap after opening. Available in high barrier or breathable options, food waste reduction solutions from Parkside are suitable for meat, fish, cheese, prepared fruits, and produce, and are classed as recyclable when used in conjunction with Apet trays via OPRL. The solutions are also available with >30% recycled content.

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