ESG and the packaging industry – Addressing the challenge

ESG and the packaging industry – Addressing the challenge

More than ever, sustainable packaging design is a major priority for brands and consumers. Across the world, we are seeing countries and major companies come under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprints by producing sustainable products in eco-friendly packaging.

But how can we measure this? Introducing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). ESG are factors used to determine how advanced a company is when it comes to sustainability and environmentally friendly initiatives. ESG is measurable, specific, and data driven.

It provides a set of standards for companies to follow in their endeavours to make the world a better place. More specifically, “Environmental criteria consider factors such as carbon emissions, water and waste management, raw material sourcing and climate change.”[1]


Sustainable Packaging & ESG  

Sustainable packaging enables brands to comply with the environmental criteria defined in ESG. ESG and sustainability are inextricably linked, but they are not the same. The biggest difference lies in their meanings and how they’re interpreted.

Sustainability is a broad, not necessarily measurable topic. It can range from reducing carbon emissions to minimizing plastic use within an organisation. Sustainability is a holistic practice designed to have a positive impact on the world in any form, big or small. ESG, however, is a formal framework with specific metrics to back it up.



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