Response of Parkside to the recent University College London (UCL) study into home compostable packaging

Response of Parkside to the recent University College London (UCL) study into home compostable packaging

As a leading manufacturer of sustainable, flexible packaging, Parkside, is disappointed to note the inaccurate results of UCL’s study into home compostable packaging. We recognise that these results may raise significant concerns for our customers and offer the following notes for clarification:

  • The report’s predominant focus is tea bags. These products are not home compostable, not advertised as home compostable, and not intended for home composting. Tea bags are designed to be collected with food waste to increase the delivery of organic material into food waste for industrial composting.
  • The remainder of the report comes from a minimal data set. Parkside is concerned that few, if any products produced by the three leading UK compostable packaging suppliers, Parkside, Tipa, and Futamura, have made it into the test results of the study. This omission gives an inaccurate representation of how home compostable packaging performs in the real world.
  • Parkside’s compostable laminates are all independently tested for compostability, ecotoxicity and biodegradation and are accredited to the following standards:
    • TÜV – OK Compost Home
    • TÜV – OK Compost
    • Bioplastics Europe – Seedling
    • Cré (Ireland) – Industrial compost certification
    • ABA (Australia) – Home compost standard
    • ABA (Australia) – Industrial compost standard
    • EN13432 – European standard for biodegradable and compostable packaging
    • In addition, our home compostable packaging is tested in real-life composting environments in the UK to ensure that our material functionality reflects UK composting conditions

Parkside encourages customers, and consumers of our home compostable packaging, to join the UCL study. By reporting positive results when using our home composting products, we can demonstrate a true reflection of how certified home compostable products work in practice.

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