Think you know Parkside? Think again – we’re also leaders in lamination and slitting

Think you know Parkside? Think again – we’re also leaders in lamination and slitting

At Parkside Flexibles, we’re constantly developing new, innovative ideas for groundbreaking flexible packaging solutions. However, we recognise that it’s crucial to match that with the technology and expertise necessary to turn those ideas into a reality that makes a difference to our customers.

That’s why we’ve invested in our lamination and slitting operations ensuring we can deliver the very best solutions to all our partners, no matter their requirements.


Lamination machinery

Our lamination capability is powered by six versatile lamination and coating machines – three each in our UK and Malaysian sites – with duplex, triplex, and quadplex functionality. This gives our customers the freedom to tailor their laminates for almost any purpose, from durable stand-up pouches to peel-and-reclose lidding films.

We also offer a wide range of adhesive options, including water-based pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), solvent-based adhesives, cold seal, and heat-sealing options, that can be adjusted to meet any functional requirements.

Our Normanton UK site is home to a state-of-the-art Comexi machine with an extended, highly efficient drying tunnel that enables faster production speeds and higher, more consistent product quality. This machine is supported by two Nordmeccanica units that can laminate and apply heat seal and cold seal coatings in-register for optimal efficiency. Our three machines in Kuala Lumpur are also Nordmeccanica units, enabling us to easily transfer and replicate jobs around the world if needed, with no compromise in performance.


Coatings, lacquers, and material expertise

Our leading lamination capabilities don’t just come from our machinery though. They are boosted by our cutting-edge material innovation technologies, such as our portfolio of water-based barrier coatings, matt and gloss registered lacquers, and hot and cold seal release lacquers. These coatings can augment the performance of our laminates and create truly game-changing packaging solutions. And, as businesses migrate towards alternative materials and structures to meet their sustainability goals, demand is only increasing for innovative coatings that can deliver exceptional barrier performance.

One example of this is in our award-winning collaboration with frozen food giant Iceland, when we developed a first-to-market, fully recyclable, and freezeproof paper pouch for a range of frozen seafood. This pouch was made with our Recoflex™ paper-based laminate and treated with a specialist coating that repelled ice crystals, helping to preserve the pack’s integrity as it moved through the cold chain.

Our versatility and lamination expertise means our customers have total freedom when designing flexible packaging. All our lamination structures, adhesives, and materials can be used with a maximum web width of 1330mm and a maximum coating width of 1315mm, while primary and secondary material thickness can range between 6.3 to 140µm. When designing a flexible pack with Parkside, the only limit is your imagination.


Slitting machines

We pride ourselves on our bespoke slitting capability, which can be adjusted to meet the most exacting specifications. We have a variety of machines that produce reels in a range of widths and core diameters, so whatever your slitting requirements are, we have the ability to deliver.

We have a total of nine slitting machines – six in the UK and three in Kuala Lumpur – which all offer high-speed rewinding to maximise production efficiency on every job, large or small. Each machine is specified to offer a range of attributes suitable for different applications.

Our suite of slitters includes heavy duty machines for high gauge materials and increased tension, as well as high speed, rapid changeover machines for quick turnarounds. We also ensure our slitting process is optimised to reduce the amount of wasted material from each job, doing our bit to minimise waste in the supply chain and do our bit for the environment!

To learn more about how our market-leading slitting and winding capabilities can support your next packaging project, get in touch with us today.

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